Wallcoverings and Wallpapers for Long-Term Installation
Prints on industry-grade wallpapers and wall covering materials offer exceptional image clarity, brilliant colors, and rich blacks. With several materials and surfaces to choose from, including LEED Certified choices, any interior or exterior space can be transformed with the aesthetic of choice. These materials are Class A fire-rated and mildew resistant, and can be installed with any standard-grade wallpaper paste. Additional protective finishes in matte, satin, or luster can be applied to increase wash-ability and added durability for any high traffic locations. 

Wallcoverings for Exhibitions and Temporary Installation

Wall Tex, an innovative adhesive-backed wall fabric, can be easily installed and removed without leaving behind a residue. Wall-Tex is quick and easy to apply: simply peel away the backing and apply to the wall or any other smooth surface. This fabric-like material is fire-rated and mildew resistant. It can be easily shape-cut and has a slightly textured satin-matte finish. 

Banners, Scrims + Soft Sign Displays
Interior and Exterior banners, scrims and fabric displays for indoor or outdoor events, exhibitions or signage. From opaque-backed vinyl banners to sheer fabric scrims, all professionally finished with grommets or pole pockets. Beautifully printed and durable for a custom and professional look. 

With advances in printers, inks, and fabric treatments, iolabs can custom
print durable, and colorfast textiles straight from your digital files. 
Our digital printing process allows for wide-gamut, full-color textile printing. 

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Decor Canvas
Fiber Glaze (Mystical) Wallcovering
Nolar Wallcovering - LEED
Silk Wallcovering 
Terralon Wallcovering - LEED   
Privacy Glass Adhesive
Velvet WallPro
ViziPrint Clear Film (Window Cling)
Wall Tex   

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