Exhibition + Display
iolabs is proud to offer a growing array of premium quality and innovative exhibition and display solutions. From face-mounted floating panels and custom wood panel boxes, to museum scrims and banners with unique, contemporary hanging hardware. We provide fresh and unique ways to professionally execute your next exhibition, display, or graphic panels.

Banners, Scrims + Soft Sign Displays
Interior and Exterior banners, scrims and fabric displays for indoor or outdoor events, exhibitions or signage. From opaque-backed vinyl banners to sheer fabric scrims, all professionally finished with grommets or pole pockets. Beautifully printed and durable for a custom and professional look.

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Backlit Film Fab-6 Banner Opaque-Backed Banner Film
Satin Adhesive-Backed Vinyl
Waterproof Banner
Banner Stands
Float Frames
Komatex-Backed Floating Panels
Plexiglass Face-Mounted Panels
Wood Panel Boxes

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